Quest for Guidance

Note: I badgered my son to write a poem for the last of our Ramadan Salons. I told him it needed to be inspired by Attar’s “Conference of the Birds”. Even though he grumbled and said, “Inspiration can’t be on-demand!”, he did write the following poem! Nothing like a deadline to inspire inspiration.


Quest for Guidance

by H. Rehman

Despair, anger and pains

These hardships, battles we fight

As faith and hope wane

still we search for the light.

We seek out leaders and kings

to tell us how to live.

We run in endless loops and rings

to this cycle we are captive.

Our quests are fruitless

Our guide; an illusion.

We stumble blindly in darkness

stranded in a bleak ocean.

But some rise above,

They need not search any longer.

They have no hate,

instead love.

Their hearts are stronger.

They need no king because

they are the king.

They are their own

leader and mentor.

Their own songs they sing

for one’s guide is one’s center.

When you look for direction

Don’t look to others, try



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