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“Tales We Heard on the Silk Road: Plays, Puppet Shows and Readers’ Theater for Children” available for purchase through

These stories were originally Sufi poems which were translated into English by Muhammad Abdus Nur Salam. In this third iteration, I have taken the prose story and adapted it into theater pieces for children. Young adults can perform these stories for an audience of children.

The tales of Rumi, Attar, and Saadi present numerous philosophical dilemmas and ethical concerns for young people. What are the limits of knowledge? How much control do you have over your own destiny? What is the best way to help the poor? Can you learn to read in thirty days? What is the value of friendship?

Five years in the making and infused with a feminist agenda, I opted to self publish through  This also means my book is self-marketed, so please consider a purchase for yourself or deserving friend and/or family member.