You’d prefer to buy the art

All the artwork and photos on this blog are produced by me, Nabeela Rehman. Since I have a copyright over the images,  if you want to post the image on your site you need to, as a decent upstanding law-abiding citizen, ask my permission first. I will probably say “Yes” as long as you give me credit for the work. I may also take an interest in your work, and you will have added another reader. Everything works out well!

However, if you don’t ask my permission you are in violation of the law (review copyright law here) and you will have my undying wrath. You don’t want either of these, so JUST ASK.  Please please please please ask. I can be contacted at nabeelafinearts[the ‘at’ symbol here] .

If you want to buy my original artwork, wow I love you.    Please contact me at the nabeelafinearts Gmail account. One of these days I am going to get my act together and compile an Etsy account or website of my own, and when I do, I will update this particular page.  In the meantime, I do exhibit my work at the La Grange Art League and Studio in La Grange, IL. Don’t forget to look in the bins!