Kids Dictate Halloween Decor

Details are essential, for instance, the lurking spiders.

Spiders on parade
Reflective surfaces
Gruesome statuary
Ghoulish gourds

Painting Pumpkins

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by options. Many choices to make as an artist, each choice leading to a different direction. How do I want my art to develop? Where do I want to go with this.

Sometimes it’s just better to pick up the paintbrush and let loose.

Pumpkin- glass style                                            oil                                        4 x 6
reflective pumpkin                                        oil                                                         8 x 12

All apologies

Sorry I haven’t written in a long time.

I’ve just been really busy which means that I have all this stuff to do, WAY too much driving around to do, and by the time I get home my brain is fried and I just want to SLEEP.  And this whole shortening of the day length and rainy weather doesn’t help matters. Feels like the atmosphere is conspiring to have me remain in my bed.

But yes, I have actually been painting (with friends + one class- helps to have some peer pressure) and once I have a sunny day I will take photos and post my work. Don’t get too excited, I am struggling. I read recently that a painter must paint a mile of canvases before she gets into her own style/good. I am no where near that, more like to the end of my driveway. Maybe as far as I can hit a golf ball.


Gifts of the Rogue Vine

At the end of summer, after we came back from our family vacation, I noticed a rogue vine in my front flowerbed. With the upheaval of back-to-school shopping, musical practice, and lecture series, I ignored the intruder. Actually, I came to like it with its huge green leaves and big yellow flowers. It rambled on top of the purple asters and stayed away from my fledgling rose bush.

Last week, I had to clean out the flower beds for autumn and tulip planting. The purple asters had bloomed out, so I started cutting them down. As I was ripping out the rogue vine, I saw that it had produced three decorative squash!

spawned from the squatter

The vine must have come from the decorative squash of fall 2015, which I composted into my front flowerbed.

Sometimes being a less than diligent gardener (with respect to weeding) has its rewards!