Life of the Party

“It is not hard to be popular with any group, whether composed of the most conventional Canadians or of Central European freaks, if one is prepared to talk to people about themselves.”

-from Fifth Business by Robertson Davies


Chicago Science March 2017

My daughter and I participated in the science march on Saturday with three of our friends. There were a lot of people, mostly young and white, quite a few baby strollers and a few dogs. Everyone was pretty quiet- scientists aren’t chanters? At one point someone even chanted “Somebody start a chant!”

So we tried, “Who speaks for the trees? WE SPEAK FOR THE TREES!”

and  “Who speaks for the bees? WE SPEAK FOR THE BEES!”

and “Any thing you do SCIENCE AFFECTS YOU!”


and “TURTLE! TURTLE! TURTLE!” which was in response to a “Yertle the Turtle” sign with the heads of the turtles as Trump and his advisers, with “GRAVITY” written on the back.

There were a lot of signs, but many I expect will be recycled to next week’s “People for Climate” march next week, examples “There is no Planet B”, and a picture of the earth with an arrow pointing to the planet saying, “I’m with her!”

I couldn’t get an idea of how many people there were because where we were marching (along Columbus Ave) was flat. There were a few helicopters overhead. Afterwards, when I tried to find footage from the Chicago march, all they would show was the helicopter footage of the  marchers for Chicago. There were marches all over the world, but since we were walking through a big park (three city blocks long) and they could get the helicopters in to film us, that was all that was shown for Chicago. I am one of those blips down there. The police estimated there were 40,000 who marched. I don’t think anyone was arrested. We were described as “cheerful”.

These are some pictures from the march at the STREET level:

Some additional signage that didn’t take good pictures:

“So bad even the introverts are here.”

“There is no vaccine for stupidity.”

“If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate”

“I’m just here to study the effects of clever signs on the science community.”

And our sign:


Chicago Science March

Sorry readers, if there are any of you out there. It has been a while. March was a bad month for me. Trying to get back into the swing of things. Jolts of spring sunshine and tulip color blossoms are helping the process.

I said I would write about the science march. It is coming this Saturday, April 22. You can read about the route, how to get involved etc, via this link:

March for Science Chicago

The march is not without controversy. People of color say they have not been properly included in the conversation and planning. The subtext here seems to be, “where were you for the Black Lives Matter march?” Also, some scientists do not want science politicized and “taking sides”. They argue that science and technology are for everyone and one should not put science as a pawn in the political fray. My husband is one of these kinds of scientists, and as a result, he is taking the kids to the FASEB meeting on Saturday morning because kids (with their school id’s) get in for free.

I am going to march with my friend. I didn’t march with her during the Women’s march, so I feel I ought to do at least one march this year. We’ll see how it goes. I will try and take pictures- and then post them on this blog.