Hike at Point Lobos

I almost forgot to share my holiday photos. (Quick- run while you still have time!).

Being in a generous mood, I’ll restrict my photo essay to the family picnic and hike at Point Lobos.


Whalers’ Cove north side
Whalers’ Cove south side, parking lot with picnic tables behind. Site of whale slaughter.

We had our picnic in the Whaler’s Cove area.

Back in the old days, they had a dock built out over the black rocks. They would dock the boat and push the dead whale to the shore.Our picnic table in the parking lot was where they dismembered whales in the 1800s.

The whale business only ran a few years here, then the petroleum industry started up and whale oil became much less non-profitable, the cove was abandoned. Nowadays, it is occupied by shutterbugs.


One thought on “Hike at Point Lobos

  1. SH December 14, 2016 / 10:50 pm

    I know this sounds like hyperbole but this is how I imagine Paradise to be. I mean minus the earthquakes and traffic.


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