Wearing My Pin

I’m taking a cue from Kate Brunner over at Feminism and Religion:

” For the foreseeable future, I’ll be wearing a single suffragette “pearl” on a safety pin, fastened over my heart to let anyone who crosses my path know I am a safe person to ask for help should they ever feel unsafe or threatened in my country. And notice I said anyone — I mean it too. ALL of my fellow Americans. Even the ones who would seek to strip me of rights and protections. As challenging as it may be, the service my faith demands of me does not discriminate.”

She was inspired by the Australian and Brexit movement.

I’m not going to wear a single pearl, instead I’ll be wearing the pins that my mother used to wear. They aren’t white, but I feel they better embody the message I am trying to convey. Added bonus, they will remind me of my mother and the values she tried so hard to pass on to me. I know if she were here now, she would be wearing a pin. I mean, look at how many she left me!

You are safe.

I’m looking forward to giving someone a much-needed hug.


One thought on “Wearing My Pin

  1. SH November 23, 2016 / 4:24 pm

    Gasp. I read about the safety pin idea and wasn’t sure what I made of it. How personal, hopeful and beautiful.


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