Parent Conversation Do’s and Don’ts


Don’t tell your children your worst fears i.e. rounded up minorities being sent to extermination camps, thermo-nuclear world war, the orange hue of whitelash.

Don’t pretend to be happy when you are sad inside. Kids are smart, they know what is going on.

Don’t tell them that the gap between rich and poor will become so huge that the USA will turn into white Nigeria or Christian Pakistan. Oops.



Remind them that not all Trump supporters are the same. They support him for different reasons, just like Hillary voters supported her for different reasons.

Tell them that persons of color are very well represented and respected in the armed forces.

Have faith in American diversity. The USA is not the Weimar republic Germany. We are a nation of diverse faiths, ethnicities, and philosophy. There are many people out there who can be your allies if you look for them.

Their generation can fix things.The old white men won’t last forever. The youth is the future.



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