Gone Apple Painting

Ways of Looking                                               oil                               12 x 16

Trying different ways of painting the same thing- very simple subject = the apple.

In top part of this panel, I just aimed for the values (light- medium -dark). In top right is mosaic, easier to paint big squares as I am not patient enough to do pointilism. Bottom left panel is called ‘marblizing’- dragging color from one part of the painting into another value part. Bottom right is ‘destroy and rebuild’. This is where you quickly paint in the values, then make big ‘x’s with your paintbrush, ‘destroying’ the painting. Then you work with paintbrush and palette knife to restore some semblance of the original order.

Also tried to do “leaded glass window’ effect. Similar technique to the ‘destroy and rebuild’, only using palette knife to destroy and rebuild.

I couldn’t quite get it the first time:

red glass apple                               oil                                 6 x 6

I tried again, but still having problems.

green glass apple                                    oil                                                     6 x 6

Need more practice.


One thought on “Gone Apple Painting

  1. Ijaz November 7, 2016 / 1:39 pm

    Pointilism a mile…:)


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