Gifts of the Rogue Vine

At the end of summer, after we came back from our family vacation, I noticed a rogue vine in my front flowerbed. With the upheaval of back-to-school shopping, musical practice, and lecture series, I ignored the intruder. Actually, I came to like it with its huge green leaves and big yellow flowers. It rambled on top of the purple asters and stayed away from my fledgling rose bush.

Last week, I had to clean out the flower beds for autumn and tulip planting. The purple asters had bloomed out, so I started cutting them down. As I was ripping out the rogue vine, I saw that it had produced three decorative squash!

spawned from the squatter

The vine must have come from the decorative squash of fall 2015, which I composted into my front flowerbed.

Sometimes being a less than diligent gardener (with respect to weeding) has its rewards!


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