Sticky Treat

I had been complaining all summer long about the humid weather to anyone who would listen. I felt the humidity was unnatural for our typical dry Northern climate. The humidity ought to disappear after a thunderstorm, but not this year. The storm would roll through and the humidity stayed, making everything sticky and (to me) uncomfortable.

This morning I opened my front door and assessed the humidity level. 10 am and already too sticky for a quick walk. This darn weather. Climate change. Mumble grumble. As I turned back inside, I noticed the fern plant on my front porch.

All winter long I had nursed the sickly fern plant. By May I thought it would die, so I put it out front on the porch and ignored it. Until today.

The fern plant was thriving. It was covered with fresh green leaves. While the humidity had been making my hair frizzy, my clothes cling to me in fetid sweat, and my outside activity level plummet, the excess moisture in the air had done wonders for my invalid fern. It was thriving.

Humidity makes me wilt, but it makes pteridophytes happy.100_2145


2 thoughts on “Sticky Treat

  1. Ijaz September 10, 2016 / 4:38 am

    I thought you were supposed to paint it or something…:)


  2. SH September 16, 2016 / 7:58 pm

    For some reason the pteridophyte and I feel the same way about the heat.


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