Whilst Commuting

School has started up for the fall. Yes, I know it is August and technically still summer, but for some of us, school has started.

I am commuting again. As with any thrill of the new, one notices things along the road- mostly the billboards and other cars. Documentation of the first day along my route:

  1. The standard issue uniform for hackers is a dark hoodie and blue jeans. Strange how the hoodie is considered to be the preferred mode of dress for the marginalized members of society with criminal intent. Weren’t hoodies derived from the monk’s cowl? How do the monk’s feel about this?
  2. It is exciting to see the smashed up sand containers that are used to prevent head on collisions with concrete overpasses. Someone’s life was saved by this simple, low-tech device! Then some unease- wait, no one has replaced the smashed ones… What will happen with accident #2?
  3. The food trucks have different bumper stickers from the rest of us: their bumper stickers are Mobile Vendor permits issued by the State Health Department’
  4. The billboard advertising college football has players which look suspiciously like Power Rangers. I’m thinking that the kids who play college football now were probably raised on a daily tv diet of Power Rangers as children. Power Rangers were the go-to kid show.
  5.  Too Much Information Hyundai = ‘I don’t Skinny Dip, I Chunky Dunk’, ‘Southside Irish’, ‘I (heart symbol) my Piercer- Trx Tattoos and Piercings’

One thought on “Whilst Commuting

  1. SH September 1, 2016 / 6:01 pm

    1. Hoodies are for hiding.
    4.My kids and their cousins all went to Comic con recently.They were all very excited because they were to meet the Green Ranger.
    5.That’s one verbose bumper.


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