Secret Preferences: Iceland

IMG_0754    Are you one of those people who doesn’t like the heat? You may be reluctant to admit this, but when everyone talks about lying out in the hot sun with their toes crunching silty sand, you have a tendency to grind your teeth.

If you prefer

  1. rocky beaches you can climb vs. sandy beaches you sink into
  2. outside air temperatures not to exceed 62° C, or if they do, there is a gusty wind blowing that nearly knocks you down
  3. brisk salt-infused air
  4. magnificent drinking water, with a freshwater spring pedigree
  5. sunlight until 10 pm or so at night
  6. thermal baths
  7. geysers
  8. volcanoes
  9. glaciers
  10. lava rocks
  11. English spoken with an interesting lilt

Then ICELAND is the place for you.

To boost the local tourism industry, Icelandic Air offered significantly discounted air fares to Europe + up to 7 days stopover in Reykjavik. Being bargain vultures, we swooped up the dealio and spent a few days in July (the hottest month) freezing our butts off in Iceland (until we soaked in the geothermal pool or bought a sweater). Now “freezing our butts off” is a relative term- we were coming off a heat wave in Chicago at 94°, then dropping down to 61° Iceland temp, that 30 degree difference does play with one’s adaptability parameters.

This will be a multi-parter, so let’s just start with a sunny, blustery (yes my hat got knocked off my head) day at Keflavik, a fishing village near the airport. Note, this peninsula is a lava field. Full disclosure, with 130 volcanoes, much of Iceland is a lava field. Actually, Iceland is the only landmass on the Atlantic which sits on the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates- hence the abundance of volcanoes, earthquakes, and geothermal activity.

Icelandic people like to build stone totem, and play frisbee golf
Rocks- a natural resource! Good for building sea walls.
Notice all the white caps in the ocean- beautiful and WINDY





2 thoughts on “Secret Preferences: Iceland

  1. Ijaz Ali August 14, 2016 / 5:49 am

    While other people visit beaches in order to tan their skin…we Pakistanis turn towards trekking Glaciers and Mountainous Forest…Happy Independence Day.


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