Ramadan Gallery 3

Did not start off well this week. Painted something that was rotten, will eventually paint over, but here is the fleeting image:

slush pile
slush pile               oil

Decided to retreat and paint something safe.

Veronicum                                        oil                                          6 x 6 
hollyhocks                                              oil                                                6 x 6

But sometimes it is important to sit with one’s mistakes for a while. Decided to go for something riskier. Started with this….

autumn tree
autumn tree                                           fluid acrylic                                  11 x 14

Then  moved on to this….

blue coastal
blue coastal                                  fluid acrylic                                           oval

Ended with this….

enchanted forest
Enchanted Forest                               fluid acrylic                                   11 x 14

2 thoughts on “Ramadan Gallery 3

  1. Ijaz Ali June 27, 2016 / 5:10 pm

    See…I told you that you should install a like button in one of your blogs as well


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