Family Catch Phrases


“Are you going to finish that?”

“Truth be told…”

“Bear in mind…”

“What’s f0r lunch/dinner?”



“Are we going to be doing anything in the next hour?”

“I’d like to file a complaint.”

“Leave. NOW!”



“Do I have anything on my face?”

“You think I am the most horrible person in the world!”

“Oh, child…”

“I hate the world.”



“It’s a diverse neighborhood.”

“Stop the nonsense.”

“Move along.”

“Figure it out.”



“What?!! (grumbling) $%^&#!”

“Does anyone wanna come with me to the store?”

“You need to get your act together.”

“How do you turn this on?” (this being any electronic item including but not limited to printers, computers, cell phones, televisions, DVD players, iPads, etc)




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