How Cameras Lie

It’s actually a relativity question- the camera doesn’t lie to itself, it just lies in comparison to the human eye. Cameras and human eyes process images differently. However, cameras can be adjusted (with aperture settings, lenses, PhotoShop, etc) so that they capture an image closer to what the human eye sees.

What cameras do to an image (not comprehensive, just what I have observed):

  1. flatten (especially with a flash). This is probably why they say a camera adds ten pounds to your face, the shadows that indicate curvature are eliminated.
  2. do not capture color accurately: digitized images have less color range than the old emulsion film.
  3. do not capture darks/shadow accurately: human eye is better at distinguishing what is in the shadows.
  4. curve straight lines- due to curvature of lens, objects will bow inwards
  5. create light ‘bubbles’ when exposed to direct sunlight.
  6. the illusion of the present moment-  everything a camera has ever captured is an image uploaded from the past.

If you have any more you would like to add, please do so by leaving a comment.


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