Re-entry tool

A few days ago I was in my typical Existential time out: woe is me, the futility of my efforts, brooding on my many failures, my non-existent legacy to the world.

To re-enter the land of the living I watched a 2001 movie about the work of Andy Goldsworthy, Rivers and Tides: Working with Time.  Goldsworthy is an artist who works with materials in the environment to create artwork that is meant to be destroyed. He makes sculpture out of icicles, sticks, wool, stones, leaves, dandelions, and much more. It is crazy stuff, but it is also beautiful, clever, and transcendent. What he says about sheep is an eye-opener! Yes, he does record all his artwork and takes photos so he can think about it so there is a photographic record, but the original work is often nonexistent by the time he is looking at the films, similar to graffiti art.

By the end of the movie, I had a feeling of calm equanimity. Everything tumbles to dust, even the mountains, and that is ok. That is how it is meant to be. In the meantime, there is great beauty to be enjoyed in the moment.


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