Back to the Studio

I started an art class a few weeks ago to force myself to paint again. Seems like I had been finding way too many excuses to avoid going into my basement to paint. Hoping the class, which will force me to put in some paint time, will get me motivated to paint more.

For the first class, we had to paint a still life: vase of red poppies with two blue (wooden) pears. We were instructed to make a value study (brights and darks), then move onto a color study AND limit our brushwork to 30 strokes. To limit the brushwork this way, you have to load your paintbrush with paint and then make BIG, LONG streaks across the canvas.

It forces you to stay  ‘loose’.

Black and White Still Life Study I                       oil                                  8 x 10

Ok, maybe a little TOO loose.

Black and White Still Life Study II                                           oil                       8 x 10

Maybe too much fun.

I opt for a vertical composition.

Poppies and Pears                  oil                   11 x 14

It is still on the loosey-goosey side- but hey! I had fun!

Can you tell what direction the light is coming from?


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