Spiritual Practices

“My spirituality is most active, not in meditation, but in moments when:

I realize God may have gotten something beautiful done through me despite the fact that I am an asshole,

and when I am confronted by the mercy of the gospel so much that I cannot hate my enemies,

and when I am unable to judge the sin of someone else (which, let’s be honest, I love to do) because my own crap is too much in the way,

and when I have to bear witness to another human being’s suffering despite my desire to be left alone,

and when I am forgiven by someone even though I don’t deserve it and my forgiver does this because he, too, is trapped by the gospel,

and when traumatic things happen in the world and I have nowhere to place them or make sense of them but what I do is have a group of people who gather with me every week, people who will mourn and pray with me over the devastation of something like a school shooting,

and when I end up changed by loving someone I’d never choose out of a catalog but whom God sends my way to teach me about God’s love.”

-Nadia Bolz-Weber in  Accidental Saints; Finding God in All the Wrong People


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