A Napolean Dynamite Moment

My oldest son danced a K-Pop tune at his high school’s Ethnic Night. K-Pop is Korean Pop Music. We are not Korean, but my oldest son’s good friend is Korean, and he convinced my son to dance. My son is not a dancer. He’ll play the music or watch, but he has never had much enthusiasm for dancing. But in the case of K-Pop, he made an exception.

He practiced with the group for two months- two months for two minutes of dance time. When we saw him perform on Ethnic Night, I wasn’t sure what to expect. For the first minute I was so worried he would mess up, I couldn’t concentrate. But my son was doing really well! I relaxed, and enjoyed the last minute of the dance, and then they were done. We aren’t the kind of family that brings our own recording devices to events, so I’m afraid I have no video to share of the actual performance.

He didn’t dance as well as these guys, but you get a feel for what they did on this video here. My son’s group only went out to minute 2:01.

While they did pretty much dress like the guys in the video, my son’s group consisted of girls and boys, with two tall boys at 6 ft and then sizes ranging down to one 5 ft tall Filipino girl. This range of sizes actually made the choreography a little more interesting, in my opinion. Also, of the six people in the group, only one was actually Korean. Everyone else was a mix of Filipino-South Asian-Polish-WASP ethnicities.

Horaay for Ethnic Night!

Horaay for K-Pop!

Horaay for a friendship that prompts you leave your comfort zone!


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