May Student Show

These are the paintings I’m entering into the May Student Show at the art league. I took my paintings in to each teacher and asked the teacher which paintings they liked the best/wanted to represent their instruction for the show. This is what they chose:

‘Between Scylla and Charybidis’               Instructor: S. Bieniek        mixed media      11 x 14
‘Apollonia at the beach’              Instructor: J. France              oil                 9 x 12

Mixed media = fluid acrylic + eggshells + GOBS of gloss media (to glue down and preserve the eggshells.)


3 thoughts on “May Student Show

  1. Ijaz April 30, 2016 / 6:58 am

    Perfect…but you need to refine your signature a little bit.


    • firebrushblog April 30, 2016 / 3:51 pm

      I don’t like signing the front of my paintings. The primary reason is I think it often distracts from the painting. The focus ought to be on the image. My secondary reason has more to do with ego- why is it so important that everyone know who painted it? Shouldn’t the painting be able to stand on its own? But lately, I wonder if the ‘ego question’ doesn’t have more to do with the female tendency towards self-negation. In this viewpoint, men pride themselves on how big and important they are, women pride themselves on how small and ‘always giving to others’ they are.


      • Ijaz Ali May 1, 2016 / 2:51 am

        Dear Ms. Nabeela,

        It is indeed a fact that egotism plays a great part in the “ownership” of the paintings. Nonetheless, a signature is a piece of art in itself and it should be difused somewhere in the backgroung.

        Its prominance is another sign of egotism…😊



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