Experiments with Neoplasticism

Decided to do an experiment and paint my first Mondrian.

Piet Mondrian was a famous painter you can read about him here. He was a member of the De Stijl art movement, also known as neoplasticism. I was also inspired to paint his style after watching the disturbing movie, “Boogie Woogie” (makes everyone in the art world look like a total wanker).

So, imagine taking a reference photo and compressing it into straight lines and blocks of primary color. It is a bit similar to that scene in the Pixar movie, “Inside Out” where some of the characters get trapped in an intermediate processing zone and their 3-D bodies start to get compressed into 2-D images. Don’t worry, it turns out ok.

On with the painting….

Here is my reference photo:

Nymphenberg Schloss circa 2009

Finished product:

#1                 oil                 5 x 5

Attempt number two reference photo:

a family reunion lifted from a Christmas newsletter

Finished product:

#2                 oil                 5 x 5

These are surprisingly difficult for me to paint. It is hard to keep the color in the lines. I used a palette knife to keep my colors pure, but that gave me a lot of texture on the canvas. I wonder whether an original Mondrian has any texture or whether it is completely smooth? I have never paid much attention to this, but I will have to see for myself the next time I am in a museum. Let that be a lesson to you kids, actually doing the art gives you a much different insight into the finished product of someone else’s work.

Then I got ambitious and decided to break a few rules; use some blended colors, not just white white, but green white, yellow white, and so on.

Front porch
front porch childhood home



Rightside up

blue door rightside


I think it looks better upside-down, something that happens not infrequently with respect to my abstract art!

blue door
blue door                oil                             11 x 14

2 thoughts on “Experiments with Neoplasticism

  1. Ijaz March 11, 2016 / 9:51 am

    Did you followed any measurement methods while converting these imgaes into abstractions, such as a 2d/3d grid or you just simply converted them randomely… as is in impressionism…


    • firebrushblog March 11, 2016 / 5:23 pm

      I converted them randomly, not much of a draftsman- but that would be an interesting experiment!


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