Taking on the Heat

“For individuals, creating the kind of organizations Whyte calls for would mean giving up some of the security we cling to in our traditional organizations (a security that is increasingly illusory, anyway). It would mean giving up our reliance on ‘leaders’ as ‘heroes’ who will save us or spare us the trouble of facing uncertainty. It would mean opening up ourselves and our organizations to the shocks, griefs, confusions, and mysteries that befall us by directly engaging the ethical, moral, and spiritual dilemmas of our activities. It would mean explicitly working with the tensions of diversity and divergencies in points of view that are an inevitable part of collective activity but are now routinely turned into mere power struggles and the uneasy truces of compromise. In other words, it would mean being able to take the heat of creative chaos.”

-from Seven Life Lessons of Chaos: Spiritual Wisdom from the Science of Change by John Briggs and R. David Peat, pp 73-74


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