Change over day at the art league. The theme for this month is “Garden Party” and it is a judged show for Traditional Landscape. My first thought was to submit my painting “Hey! Athena!”, but I thought it over and wimped out.

Hey! Athena!                              oil and cold wax                          11 x 14

Why so wimpy? Because at a watercolor demonstration on the week-end, one artist brought up the topic of “acceptable nudes”. It was a semi-lively discussion, every one asserting that they were open-minded enough for a female nude (didn’t get into the open-mindedness of a full frontal male nude!). Even though everyone was saying how they “didn’t mind nudes”, to my recollection, I have never seen a nude painting displayed at the art league in the past two years. Although you might argue that a female nude is a traditional landscape (how many times has the nude female form been painted?), I wimped out and submitted my summer backyard instead.

summer lawn
Backyard  Garden                        oil                                     9 x 12

Ah! The power of self-censorship!


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