The Nasty Solution

He told me, “I have the solution to your lack of volunteers at the Crafts Guild. What you need to do is have everyone take a poll and rate each person on the nastiness scale. You collect the data and see which members are the most unpleasant, nasty and difficult to deal with. Then, you take the nastiest people and give them the worst jobs. The worst job has got to be facilities manager. That is like being on call. Every time something goes wrong, you have to show up. Whether it is a burnt out light bulb or a flooded basement, they want you there on site. The worst next job is president, or maybe treasurer? Newsletter is pretty bad. In any case, all those nasty troublemakers are going to have the life sucked out of them by these demanding jobs. At the very least, everyone is going to be a LOT nicer to each other around the Crafts Guild.”


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