Ears that Hear, Mouths that Taste

My brother told me something the other day that surprised me because I had not heard it before, or if I had heard it, I hadn’t listened to it. What changed this time? Maybe the fact that I myself am now a mother, maybe the fact that I find interacting with teenage boys a…    ….challenge. Is anything I say getting through to them? When you see the lunch you packed for them left behind (yes, it was sitting right next to his backpack!), it feels like an uphill battle.

My brother said that after mom died, his way of coping with the grief was to do one thing each day that would make her proud. After a few months he increased it to two things, then three. He said, “The process really changed me as a person.”

I said, “Good thing mom had such high standards.”

I was surprised at my brother’s spiritual insight at such a young age. My way of coping with the grief was to collect all my mother’s old recipes and put them in a book.

I also thought ahead and stored the recipes on computer disks.

Might be hard to find a port

Err, despite what you may have seen on “Independence Day”, technology does change after twenty years.


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