C’est La Vie

This was the theme for the February gallery show, “C’est La Vie” (That’s life), and I admit I had a hard time interpreting this. What did they want? French cafe scenes? Montmartre?

I don’t have any of that Froggie stuff, so I had to do my version of C’est la vie- which of course requires extensive explanation, hence the blog post where I can get chatty.

Twelve Worlds                          fluid acrylic                             18 x 24 inches

The theme is “vie” or “life”, so shouldn’t different worlds have different kinds of life forms on them? A bit of science fiction speculation for the viewer.

brothers and pets
Childhood Pets                              oil                                   8 x 10

This is taken from an old photo of my brothers, and no in the original my youngest brother does not look that miserable. He just painted out miserable. Sorry. Anyhow, only two pets for three brothers, some one is going to get left out, c’est la vie.

island bombing
Island Campaign                              fluid acrylic                              12 x 16 inches

This is very abstract, but once I saw it as an aerial bombardment of an island archipelago, I was stuck with seeing it that way. C’est la vie until the drones get to work on it, then after that there is not much vie left.



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