Sports Update

Latest results from the weekend chess tournaments!! (Ok, maybe some of you don’t define chess as a sport, but Trivial Pursuit is with me on this one).

H.R.’s junior high school came in second place in the SDEAA (=Southeast Dupage Elementary Athletic Association) tournament, and H.R. himself won a medal for winning all his games (4:0) playing 6th board.

back of medal is inscribed with “SDEAA Board Level Champion”

A.R.’s school came in fourth place in the Western Suburban IHSA (Illinois High School Association) Chess tournament. A.R. won 3 and lost 2. But in A.R.’s case, they did not play according to board rank. It was something of a free-for-all, and one of the people A.R. lost to is the first board at the notorious rival school, Central.

Note on Board Rankings: In chess, the school chess club competes between themselves for board rankings. The best player is the first board, next best is the 2nd board and so on. Usually the top ten boards play in a tournament. The #1 board of school X plays against #1 board of school Y and so on,  such that you are playing an equally matched opponent. Also, in these kinds of tournaments, the top board scores the most points (5 points per win), compared to the other boards (3 points per win 2-3 boards, 1 point per win boards 4 and lower).


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