Brain Fart

A: I had a brain fart today in school.

Mom: A What??

Z: You know, a brain fart.

Mom: No  I don’t. What is it? (brightly) Is that like a ‘senior moment’.

A: (frowning) No, it is nothing like that.

Mom: Well what is it? Can you give me an example?

A: Yes, that is exactly what my story is about. Listen.  There is this kid in my class named Ali and I notice that he is rather fair complexion. I ask him, “Hey Ali, are you Arab?”. He says “No!” and he shows me his phone which has the two-headed eagle on it. He says, “I’m east European.” And I couldn’t think of what flag the eagles were and I said, “You’re Bosnian?”

Z: I can’t believe you forgot!

A: I know, right. And he says, “No Albanian.”

Mom: Why is that a brain fart? How in the world are you expected to know what is on the Albanian flag?

Z: (rolling her eyes) Mom, we have a Flags of the World table mat and we play “Guess the flag game”.

Mom: Right. (looking for pen and paper) I have to write this down for my blog.

A: Are you going to be Columbusing slang for old people?

Z: TBH Mom, I wouldn’t do it.

Mom: What is TBH?

Z: To Be Honest.


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