Acuna Matata mañana y mañana y mañana

After much anticipation and whispered rumor, the junior high school musical director has announced the selection for this year, “Lion King”. Even though the auditions are two weeks away, both my junior high school students have submitted their audition paperwork and have memorized their audition lines and song selections. I am proud of them for wanting to be in the school play, but anxious that my 6th grader will not get a big part because the juicier roles are typically reserved for the 8th graders. As there are eight 8th graders auditioning this year, her odds are not very good. “It’s not you, it’s the seniority clause. Like union carpenters!” My logic washes over her and she belts out yet another rendition of ‘Acuna Matata’. She is trying out for Timon, the comic-relief meerkat. My son has perfected his Jeremy Irons’ British accent in his bid for the devious Scar.

The downside of the theater biz is that as a family member you must hear the same songs repeated over and over again to performance perfection. Last year, I inadvertently memorized the lyrics to most of the songs for “Shrek: the Musical”, and I expect my brain will pick up the score for “Lion King” with the same sponge-like absorption.


One thought on “Acuna Matata mañana y mañana y mañana

  1. SH January 24, 2016 / 11:48 am

    Oh the disappointment of assigned parts for school plays. It was our first year at the middle school and my son had memorized many of the lines for Max in the Sound of Music. As completely biased parents we thought he would ace the audition but the teacher said she didn’t know him at all and must give him the part of head nazi instead. Ideologically and parentally it was a tough assignation to stomach.


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